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    Garza Marfa furniture is made with Vegetable Tanned Saddle Grade USA Leather.  The Vegetable Tanned Leather is “natural” in appearance and finish, no sealers or top-coats are applied to the leather.  All Leather will have unique marks and/or characteristics such as birthmarks, scars, light/dark areas, these are not defects.  After the Saddle Leather is attached to the furniture frame, Garza Marfa applies a light coat of 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil to the leather, followed by an application of Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap for a final conditioning.  Vegetable Tanned Leather will “patina” with use and exposure to UV and moisture.  Over time, the leather will take on a richer tone in color, and will telegraph it’s history of use on the surface.  Leather is a natural product, and will expand and contract with changes in the temperature, much like wood. We do not recommend using leather products outdoors.

    For routine maintenance, use a clean natural bristle paintbrush, and brush away dirt and dust accumulation from the stitching and lacing of the leather.  Then, use a clean damp cotton cloth and wipe down the leather.  For a deeper cleaning, use Fiebing’s Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap.  Brush and wipe the leather first.  Then spray Liquid Saddle Soap onto a clean, damp sponge… and wipe down the leather…do not scrub.  The key to applying any cleaner or conditioner to the leather is to always apply the product to a clean cotton cloth, sponge or applicator first…and then to the leather.  Never spray or pour cleaners, conditioners, oils, etc. directly on the leather.

    Garza Marfa wood tops are made of solid woods, no laminates.  All wood species used by Garza Marfa will have unique marks, characteristics and colors specific to that natural piece of wood, these are not defects.  All Garza Marfa wood is finished with Waterlox Modified Tung Oil, Marine Finish.  For maintenance, wipe gently with a damp cloth.  Do not use ammonia base cleaners.  Wood is a natural product, and will expand and contract with changes in temperature. We do not recommend using wood products outdoors.